The heart of my operation is en environmentally controlled building with 12 whelping stalls. The stalls are roomy and provide everything that mom and her puppies need. The operation is 100% green and self sustaining, zero waste of our natural resources. All my water needs are met by rain collection. All the water is filtered by a reverse osmosis system, which is powered by a solar electrical system. Heating is also a solar system which provides hot water to radiant floors and air heat exchangers. Cooling is provided by an evaporation system with massive amounts of air flow. And for really harsh conditions, I have a ductless inverter heat pump.

     For the dog lots, we have four major area that have ample room for the dogs to exercise and play. This area covers approximately two acres and is grassed with plenty of shade. Waste management is very important to my operation. I clean up after the dogs twice daily and compost their waste. I also keep several acres of planted forage for birds that I take a couple of dogs in on nice days to play. This is where you can see their natural pointing abilities. I also have a pond on my facility and some of these guys love the water. Being a good stuard of the earth is very important to me and keeps my pups Happy. I spend time with all my dogs, the most important need for a Llewellins is love. My dogs are not gun shy, seeing that I’m a competitive shotgun shooter. I practice every couple of days, and most of the dogs don’t react at all while the others just watch the clays fly.