about me

     Born in the mountains of North Carolina in 1999, I grew up with a passion for God’s creations. Many people say that that I was born with an “Old Soul”, I say it’s more of a respect for the ways of the past, with the passion for the finer things in life. I will tell you an old country song and dirt on my hands warms my heart. I’m most at home in the outside with Bubba “Jameson Churchill” by my side.

Raised on a farm, I learned at an early age to respect the land and to care for animals. I’ve raised llamas, horses, chickens, turkeys, pheasants and a few pets... barn cat and always a few companion dogs. With mom being a nurse I learned the importance on good and preventative healthcare for our animals. She taught me how and when to vaccinate at an early age. I birthed a breached llama at 8 years old, due to the mom would only let me approach and assist.

      I am a competitive shotgun athlete so firearms are a very important part of my life. Whether it’s my modern Krieghoff or an early 1900’s Parker Brothers side by side with Damascus barrels, I love to shoot! I have competed all along the southeastern United States, with the goal of being an Olympian!

     Hunting and fishing is near and dear to my heart, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s all things outdoors for me with a splash of saltwater in my veins. Surfing, scuba diving and spear fishing is just a bit of my salt life. Let’s talk fishing, whether it’s a split bamboo fly rod or a graphite high tech, all depending on my query, I’m at home in, on or by the water. My first fish was a trophy rainbow trout on the Watauga river at the ripe old age of 3, yielding my mini mouse fishing rod. God was definitely smiling down on me that day. As for hunting, I’m in tune with any means of the pursuit. I’m proficient with a bow, muzzleloader, pistol, rifle and my favorite, my trusty shotguns. But I don’t hunt for sport only nor am I a trophy hunter! I was raised eating venison, fowl, squirrels and rabbits.

In late 2018, I was offered an opportunity of my dreams! My dear friends John and Debbie Lyon were looking to retire from their Llewellin Setter operation. This was a no brainer for me, having owned two of their dogs and knowing the King bloodline. After discussion with John and Debbie, I went to work on building my kennel to home the King legacy. John and Debbie had committed to Alford O. King to keep his American bloodlines pure, in which I will do the same.


Elizabeth Brooke Vogler